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바나글로벌은 한국화장품 브랜드와 전세계 유통 채널을 연결해주는 글로벌 디스트리뷰터 (Global Distributor) 입니다.
글로벌시장의 현재 상황과 니즈를 고려해 명확한 전략을 수립하고, 바나글로벌이 보유한 다양한 채널을 통해 전략을 실현해 나갑니다.

We are a global distributor that connects Korean cosmetic brands and distribution channels around the world. We establish a clear strategy in consideration of the current situation and needs of the global market, and realize the strategy through various channels owned by VANA GLOBAL.

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B2C Platform For Final Consumers
Selling everywhere, Selling more.
Well maintained multichannel sales .

B2B Solution For Wholesalers.
Purchasing easier than ever before.
Our Front-End Solution to carry large selection.

O2O Consolidation For Entrepreneurs
Connecting Online to Offline  
One Storefront.

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