○ 제품 설명

– 세가지 다른 단위체(AN, 부타디엔, SM)로부터 만들어진 삼중합체로 물성의 전체적인 균형은 단위체의 비와 분자량, 첨가제에 따라 변함.

It is a terpolymer made from three different monomers (AN, butadiene, and SM), and the overall balance of physical properties varies depending on the ratio, molecular weight, and additives of the monomers.

– AN은 내열성, 높은 강도, 내화학성을 부여하고 부타디엔은 충격강도, 강인성, 저온에서의 성질 유지를, 그리고 SM은 광택성, 가공성, 강도를 나타냄.

AN gives heat resistance, high strength, and chemical resistance, butadiene shows impact strength, toughness, and maintenance of properties at low temperatures, and SM shows gloss, processability, and strength.

– 열가소성 수지(비중 1.04)로서 강하고 단단하며, 자연색은 엷은 상아색을 띄지만 어떤 색으로도 착색할 수 있고 광택이 있는 성형제품 만드는데 유리함.

As a thermoplastic resin (specific gravity 1.04), it is strong and hard, and its natural color is light ivory, but it can be colored in any color and is advantageous for making glossy molded products.

○ 제조 공정

– 가장 대표적인 제조방법으로 회분식 또는 연속식 유화중합공정에서 BR 또는 SBR라  텍스에 직접 SM과 AN을 그라프트 시켜 만드는 것임.

(원단위 : ABS 1ton 생산시 SM 0.66ton, 부타디엔 0.15ton, AN 0.22ton 소요)

The most representative manufacturing method is to graft SM and AN directly onto BR or SBR latex in a batch or continuous emulsion polymerization process.

(Unit: ABS 1 ton, SM 0.66 ton, Butadiene 0.15 ton, AN 0.22 ton required)

○ 주요 용도

– 가전제품 하우징, 자동차 내/외장재, 사무기 등.

Housings for home appliances, interior and exterior materials for automobiles, office equipment, etc.

○ 국내 생산기업

– 금호석유화학(울산), 한국이네오스스티롤루션(울산), 롯데첨단소재(여수), LG화학(여수)

Kumho Petrochemical (Ulsan), Korea Ineos Styrolution (Ulsan), Lotte Advanced Materials (Yeosu), LG Chem (Yeosu)